Fun With DINOS!


Do dinosaurs eat people?

— Brian Custer


Nope. We don’t taste good. Actually, people didn’t evolve until 64 million years after the last dinosaurs went extinct. But if we had been around in dinosaur time I think they’d have enjoyed us for lunch.

How long could a dinosaur survive after the meteorite hit Earth?

— Maddy, the PaleoPro


Depends how close the dinosaur was to the impact. If it lived within a few hundred miles of the spot in the Gulf of Mexico where the asteroid struck, the dinosaur could die instantly from the fire or tidal wave of water. But elsewhere on Earth, the change in climate produced by the impact would have taken hundreds or thousands of years to wipe out the dinosaurs. So it would have been the great grandchildren and even more distant descendants of the dinosaurs from the time of the meteorite explosion who died from it.

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  1. What was the tallest dinosaur?
  2. How many fingers did a T. rex have on each hand?
  3. How many fingers did an Allosaurus have on each hand?

1. Brachiosaurus - it stretched to perhaps 35 feet high

2. Two

3. Three


  1. The Spitter in Jurassic Park was a mini-version of what dinosaur?
  2. A four-winged dinosaur was named?
  3. The ceratopsian or horned dinosaurs include what dinosaur?

1. Dilophosaurus

2. Microraptor was a gliding feathered dinosaur found in China



  1. In the last 20 years, the country where the most dinosaurs have been found is where?
  2. How often is a new kind of dinosaur discovered on average?
  3. Approximately how many kinds of dinosaurs are known?

1. China

2. Once every two weeks

3. 1300 kinds



Dinosaur Quiz

  1. The scientist who invented the word dinosaur was:
    1. Dave
    2. Sir Richard Owen
    3. Merriam Webster
    4. Dr. Doom
      answer: B
  2. A meat-eating dinosaur without teeth is:
    1. late for the dentist
    2. Gummosaurus
    3. Dave
    4. Oviraptor
      answer: D
  3. The shortest dinosaur name is:
    1. Yi
    2. Dave
    3. Minmi
    4. Mom
      answer: A
  4. In the Jurassic Period, the world was divided into two super-continents:
    1. Laurasia and Gondwana
    2. Top and Bottom
    3. Dave and Laura
    4. Walla-Walla and Poopoo
      answer: A

What do you call a dinosaur in a sombrero hat?

ANSWER: Tyrannosaurus Mex.

Which dinosaur went potty most often?

ANSWER: Triceraplops.

What do you call a dinosaur that is under your bed?

ANSWER: Uncomfortable.

What do you call a big sleepy dinosaur?

ANSWER: Bronto-snore-us

“Dinosaur” by Nat Naylon

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