Fun With DINOS!


Were dinosaurs fatter than we think? (Did dinosaurs have fatty tissues?)

— Charlie Elliot


A very good question! We don’t know since soft tissue is not much preserved as fossils, only bones. Birds are living dinosaurs and wild birds do not store fat in their bodies. So I’m guessing the same was true for dinosaurs. 

What is the friendliest dinosaur?

— Eileen Kisluk


It’s hard to know how dinosaurs behaved. The dinosaurs with few weapons, like teeth or big claws, would have been the least dangerous. So the giant planteaters like Brachiosaurus, or toothless little meateaters like Oviraptor might have been the most gentle.

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  1. Who was a giant meat-eater whose hands were nearly useless?
  2. An omnivore is a dinosaur that eats?
  3. Young dinosaurs are created when adult dinosaurs do what?

1. T. rex

2. Plants meat and insects

3. Lay eggs


  1. Who are the dinosaurs’ closest living relatives?
  2. The smallest dinosaur is no bigger than what?
  3. What can be a dinosaur fossil?

1. Chickens

2. a crow or any mid-sized bird

3. Dinosaur fossils come in many forms including poop teeth and footprints.


  1. How many dinosaur scientists in the world are there approximately?
  2. In what country have dinosaurs NOT been discovered?
  3. In what country have the most kinds of dinosaurs been discovered?

1. There are less than 100 scientists who study dinosaurs in the entire world

2. New Guinea

3. China



Dinosaur Quiz

  1. The biggest dinosaur, Argentinosaurus, was as big as:
    1. A tea cup
    2. A blue whale
    3. Argentina
    4. Mars
      answer: B
  2. A Triceratops is named for its three:
    1. sisters
    2. tops
    3. feet
    4. horns
      answer: D
  3. One way dinosaurs are different from crocodiles is that dinosaurs:
    1. Stand up straighter
    2. Brush their teeth more
    3. Watch more TV
    4. Wear pants
      answer: A
  4. In the Cretaaceous Period the earth’s land was a single continent called:
    1. Top and Bottom
    2. Cheeseball
    3. Pangea
    4. Large lump of land
      answer: C

What would you call a dinosaur who stuck its head in T. rex's mouth?

ANSWER: Dinner.

Which dinosaur liked to sleep a lot?

ANSWER: Ovi-nap-tor.

What dinosaur liked to dress up?

ANSWER: Try-on-asaurus rex

What dinosaur ate too much ice cream?

ANSWER: Double Diplodocus

What do you call a dinosaur that put its right hand in a Velociraptor's mouth?


“Dinosaur” by Nat Naylon

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